Number one obstacle to choosing your best life now

February 15, 2013


The number one obstacle to choosing your best life now, is you. Both you and I are the #1 obstacle to choosing our best life now.

How is that?

Think with me for a second. You and I are a composite of all our thoughts, experiences and beliefs. When attempting to make major decisions, these thoughts, experiences and beliefs, immediately comes to stand as witnesses to our decision. They want to inform us with reasons for or against that decision. We tend to respond based upon how they present or impose themselves.

So if you are thinking of moving or changing your job, your thoughts and past experiences will place themselves on the radar screen right above the decision that you are considering. They will come with the flashing neon lights and all to make sure you do not miss it. They will seek to impose their will if they have to, making certain you do not step out of line. Isn’t that what happens most of the time?

I know because I am speaking from experience. I will share that experience in a future blog.

If we could get self out of the way, we would be in a better position to find, live and love the life we envision, now.

How then might you do that?

Here is one suggestion: What if you examined what those thoughts, experiences and beliefs are telling you? What if when they impose themselves upon your decision, you immediately ask yourself:

  • How accurate are the statements they are making at this point of your life?
  • What do you know about this time of your life that you didn’t when the past experiences occurred?
  • How more equipped are you to handle situations now than in the past?
  • How more knowledgeable and prepared are you for life than you were then?
  • What potentially might be the result of not taking the risk at this time?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

If there are more questions that you can think of, please let me hear them in the reply box below or if you would like to comment on this post, let me hear from you as well.

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