Where On Earth Have I Been …

You might have been wondering where have I been or maybe you didn’t even notice that I haven’t posted here for several days now. 

So, where have I been? 

Where in the worldI wish I was able to say that I have been fully living my Second Half Dream Life, which I will do in the very near future. As I shared with you recently, I’ve been re-thinking some things while in the process of trying to rebrand.

After several months of blogging and podcasting, I haven’t really received the returns that I have been expecting. I’m not fully sure why that is so, but one thing I know and it is this: if something is not working to your satisfaction, then re-group, take a step back and make some changes.

That’s where I’ve been at. I’ve been doing just that. I’m refocusing on who it is I’m trying to bring as much value to, as possible. Who is interested in what I have to say? I think you are and that is why I’m determined to keep on going but do so in a more succinct way.

Here’s what I’ve learned recently:

  • I did a survey recently and found out what are some things that those I’m trying to reach are looking for. Up to this point, I think I was trying to tell you what you needed.
  • I’ve now learned because of your vote, that I might have been off by a wide margin. Obviously, not a 100% off so I take solace in that. But it’s not about me; it’s about what is it that you are looking for.

In a future blog, I’ll share with you what I heard my target audience, including you, are looking for. Some of what I learned, I would not have thought about. This is indeed a learning curve for me.

So, thank you for your patience and your understanding

Please accept my apology for not communicating with you on this matter before now. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think I fell into a small river of discouragement. I didn’t have the motivation as I needed to push forward. 

But now, I’m renewing my effort to change that.

I need your help in this matter. Let me know what you think about what I’ve just shared. As I transition to Second Half Dream Life bringing tips, resources and step-by-step guidelines, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Would you take a few minutes and let me know what kind of tips, resources and step-by-step guidelines would be helpful to you as you pursue living your dream life? 

Remember, there’s no better time than now to do it. Let me help you.

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I am a published author, motivational speaker, father of two, husband of one, licensed psychotherapist, certified midlife transitional coach, follower of Christ and President of Helping Families Improve, Inc.

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