Doing Things You Don’t Like Doing

February 24, 2013


One of the questions that I like asking when I am coaching others is, “If you could do anything and not fail and if money was not a problem, what would you be doing?” It’s amazing to hear the answers. Very few people have said they would continue doing what they are currently doing. This is the essence of the following video. I believe when you and I are not doing what we were called / wired to do, we are not living our best life now.  As you listen to the video, I would like you to reflect on your present situation using the question above as the lens through which you look.

Whatever it is that you are envisioning for your life, how do you see what you are currently doing as connecting you to that picture? If it is not, then I want you to seriously consider making a change that would put you on the right track.

I hope that having listened to the video, you are now taking a second, third and even a fourth look at your life and really pondering your next step. That is what we will be exploring in future blogs.

I would love to hear from you as to what your thoughts, decision or feedback is on the above. Leave me a reply below.

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