Do You Like Changes That Adds Value To Your Life

Change That Adds Value To Your Life, Is A Whole Lot Easier To Embrace.

Season of change that adds value to your lifeChanges are coming to Choose Your Best Life Now.

The progression of time and learning, create more and more opportunities for us to refine and sometimes reinvent ourselves. I’m one of those who want to be flexible and open to change when it leads to bringing more specific and tailored value to others.

Choose your best life now is the core message of my heart. I want people to know that they can experience the best life ever if they are open and willing to make a few necessary changes.

But who are these people? Everyone? Yes, but the reality is that is not the place to start. So, where do we start?

Someone has said, [Tweet “If you try to reach everyone, you end up reaching no one”]

Where Do We Start

I believe we start where we are most comfortable and where we can speak from experience. Where is that for me? It is from my stage of life. It’s where I am currently in life and from where I’ve come and where I’m planning to go. So, it’s my past, present and future self. I know this “place” and I’m still learning more about what goes on at this stage – the fears, frustrations, regrets and other questions on life in general.

With this in mind, I want to take what it is I’m learning and how I’m positioning myself for the future, reinventing myself and refocusing my efforts to be financially independent when I’m in the retirement stage of life – even though I have no intention of retiring – and also to minimize the issue of regrets towards the end of my life.

The Change That Will Add Value To Your Life

Hence, the need to make some changes. I’ve recently acquired the dot com name, which as the name implies, will be focusing primarily on those who considers themselves in the second half stage of life and want to live their dream life. I want to help them launch that life they have been thinking of and feeling the itch to do, while limiting the risk and the reducing the emotion of fear.

This new website will replace but will continue to be true to the core principles of this page.

It will:

  • be more focused
  • offer tips, resources, feedback, and step-by-step guide to launch that dream life of yours
  • reflect my journey as I learn new things And
  • be a place where I’ll share it all with you

I would like to invite you to continue with me on this journey and to tell others about this plan. Have them check out this site and also the website that also will be changed to I’m excited about this change and the opportunity to serve and bring value to you in a more practical and specific manner.

What To Do Now

I would love to get your feedback below on this post and any suggestions, ideas or questions that you may have. I would be so appreciative and it would help me know how to prepare what it is you are needing and be more of a help to you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this extended post. I truly want to hear your thoughts below. Why not take 2mins and do so now.

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I am a published author, motivational speaker, father of two, husband of one, licensed psychotherapist, certified midlife transitional coach, follower of Christ and President of Helping Families Improve, Inc.

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