Kingsley Profile BWHi there!

I’m here making sure that you “leave your dream outside your casket.”

I’m Kingsley aka “The Hope Dispenser.” I’m the guy who strongly believes that you can live your best life now at this stage of your life – the Midlife Stage. At this stage of life you are doing one of three things or all three: looking back, looking forward or looking around. You are looking back with some regrets or wishing you know then what you know now, looking forward with concerns, or looking around feeling stuck or depressed. You are feeling stuck, not knowing what to do; you feel stuck.

As “The Hope Dispenser” I believe that the blog entries and podcasts you will find on this site, will be instrumental in getting you back in the game and in position to live your best life now. This is the type of hope I will be dispensing here.

What qualifies me to be The Hope Dispenser?

I am a Published Author, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Life Transitional Coach and a Motivational Speaker. I am the president of Helping Families Improve, Inc. I too am on a journey using these very concepts you will find on this website.

In 2008, I made one of the riskiest and most daring moves of my life. It is one that some would consider to be crazy, but I believe I had to do it if I was ever going to achieve my dream … I handed in my letter of resignation after twenty one years of being with the same organization as Youth Director, to begin my quest to Find, Live and Love the life I envisioned.

Have it been easy or smooth? No! It has been challenging with some setbacks with the main one being an open-heart surgery six months after handing my letter of resignation. With God’s help and as a person of faith, I’m moving forward excited about the prospects of the future. I’m applying the very same principles outlined in my blogs — inspiring HOPE, renewing PERSPECTIVE and igniting CHANGE.

So thank you for taking the time to reading this cliff-notes version of my story. You will find out more about me by reading my blogs and listening to my podcast “Choose Your Best Life Now”.  You can follow me on twitter @kingsleygrant or on facebook.

BTW: I’m one of the most blessed persons on earth, surviving a quadruple bypass surgery in 2008 and an attempted rape as a teenager, having a beautiful family who loves and supports me (my wife and 2 kids who means the world to me) and most importantly, having the God of the universe loving me unconditionally.

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Thanks and God bless.

Kingsley (aka “The Hope Dispenser”)